Saturday, May 2, 2009

Irish Fun

We got to Trastevere station and went to the taxis. Kerry spoke to them in English, mistake #1, and asked if it was only 30 Euro to Ciampino. The guy said no, that we were outside the city wall. I got really fired up and told him that I could see the walk from here and that we were within it. He said not that it would be a metered fair, and acted like it was all good, and we just told him no and started to walk away, told him we would just go to another taxi stand. Finally an old guy told us to get in and agreed to do the fair. It is the law and is ridiculous that they still try to cheat us after all this time. I was upset that Kerry flat out used English and didn’t even try to use Italian. Oh well we got a really nice old man to take us there and he drove really slow so it was good that it wasn’t metered. We got there in plenty of time, I gave the guy a 5 Euro tip because he was so nice and went against what the mean guy said. We checked in and got through security quickly. We headed to our gate and went through passport control and got stamps. We then waited for the flight to board and finally got on. The flight was nearly 3 hours long and we got into Dublin, got our passports stamped and took a cab to the hostel. It was so crazy driving on the other side of the road. When we got there the cabbie was really nice got out and got our luggage and pointed us to the hostel. We got checked in and had the guy point us to a bar. He said we had to go to a late one in the Temple bar area so we freshened up and headed there even though we were trying to avoid that. We went to the Porterhouse Pub. The girls got Bulmers, a cider, and I had some sort of light Irish beer. We walked around the bar just checking it out. There were 3 levels with a live band set on one, but there wasn’t a band playing tonight. We sat down at a table and started to drink and talk. It wasn’t long before we were joined by one guy. It was funny because we had just been talking about body language that invites people in and Steph was demonstrating and it worked. After a while the whole group of guys flocked in and started to talk to us. They definitely weren’t Irish, in fact they were French. It was interesting to talk to them but we kind of gave up eventually and luckily they turned the lights on at the bar so it was time to leave so we headed out. An Irish guy as we were leaving said, “You’re breaking those French boys’ hearts.” I laughed because his accent was funny and it was just funny in general. We headed home and then just went to bed.

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