Saturday, May 2, 2009

Irish Bus fiasco #2

April 19
After visiting the Blarney Castle, we made it back to the bus station and the girls got their tickets for the airport and I decided to buy a ticket for Galway. I had about 20 min before my bus left so I went back to the hostel got my new room key and moved my stuff. On my way in a lady yelled at me as I was walking past her as she smoked a cigarette and sat on a door step, “Why don’t you just take a picture.” I was really confused, I guess she thought I was looking at her, but whatever I went on my way. After changing rooms quickly, I went back down to the station and got on the bus. I gave my ticket to the driver he punched it and I took a seat right up front. We started on our way. The driver seemed to be a really nice guy. He was really happy. It made me smile. He started the trip off by saying, “The seatbelts are provided for your safety, please wear them. Seatbelts on.” He sat back down and we started down the road. The bus ride went smoothly. I chatted with the driver during stops and told him I was studying in Rome just here for the weekend. He said that I should get off at the last Galway stop it’s the main center and what not. I eventually explained I wasn’t staying in Galway for the night. He was shocked. He told me that the last bus would be leaving at 6:05 and we got into Galway at 5:45. He felt really bad and said that he would have at least been giving me a tour of the important things we passed had he have know. He asked if I saw Bunratty Castle and I told him I did. I told him everything was fine. I enjoyed the countryside, it was better to be stuck on a bus in the country than sitting in a city. I asked him if my ticket was good tomorrow for the return on the chance that I just decided to wing it and stay in Galway for the night. He said it was a month return so I could use it up to a month later. I then headed out and he suggested 2 hostels I should check out and the two I should avoid. I tried to find them and had no luck. My time was running short so I decided I would just take the bus back. I ran to the bathroom and as I was headed back to get on the bus I saw my driver again. He asked me what I had decided. I told him I hadn’t found a place to stay and it was too late to go out and see the Cliffs of Moher or anything like that anyway. He had an idea and took me to the inspector’s office and told me to ask if there was anything going to the cliffs and then a way to get to Limerick so I could catch a bus to Cork. I thanked him again, he was so sweet to try so hard to help me. The inspector said there was no way to do that. I wasn’t going to ie I was a little upset that I didn’t really get to do anything there, but it was a nice 24 Euro countryside tour. I had now been from each side to the other of Ireland, and to the south as well all in 3 days. I loaded up the bus and prepared myself for the 4.5 hour bus ride back. I ended up falling asleep most of the way home. It was a long 9 hours in the bus.

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