Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Amalfi Coast: Capri

This morning after the fiasco with our accommodations last night, we woke up freezing cold and got ready for our day. We went to breakfast up the little trail to the restaurant and found the amazing spread of rolls and cornflakes for our dining pleasure. Kristin and I were really just glad that they had coffee. After breakfast we all met and headed down to catch our ferry to Capri. It was quite a trek down the hill, but once we got down there we really realized how beautiful the place we were staying really was. I mean it was pretty rough, but not as rough as some of the girls were making it out to be. We made it down to the pier and loaded the boat. Kristin and I managed to get on the wrong side because as we started out we were definitely in the shade and the wind made it really cold. We picked up a few more passengers and took the 30-45 minute ride to Capri. The views were gorgeous. We passed by Marina Grande when we first reached the island. Our next stop was the famous Blue Grotto. It was inside a cave that was only accessible under favorable conditions in small 4 person row boats. We waited as boatloads of Asians were carted in and out of the site and then we got our turn. We were in the first boat since Kristin and I were a group of 2, we were put with the random Dutch people that were on our boat. Our guide took us over to pay, since it was culture week still I guess the price for the entrance was reduced and we only paid for the boat ride. It was 6.50 and then we waited our turn to get in. The guide said the tide was getting high and we could tell as the water nearly touch the top of the entrance with each wave. We watched as three boats came out and each of the groups that were in boats emerged from their fetal positions and clapped and cheered. They also flashed their peace signs as they passed our boat. When our turn neared Kristin and I braced ourselves laying down in the boat and waiting as the guide grabbed the chain and pulled us into the grotto. We got in and our guide told us a little about everything. The water is blue, and the lighting is from the heat of the rocks below. There is an opening in the grotto that the ancient Romans used for something (I was too busy taking pics) and it’s now inaccesible due to falling parts. We finished our circle around the grotto as we were serenaded by our driver and then waited our turn to attempt to get out. As he started to pull us through he said, “Oh My God” and Kristin and I got very worried. There were times that it got really dark and it was a little scary because that meant the water had gone all the way up and covered the entrance/exit. Looking back on it now, it doesn’t make sense that he said it English, he was obviously not English speaking, so I think he was doing it to freak us out. We made it out fine, no problems and got to the boat and got back on. We took our seats and everyone else managed to get back on and we headed back out on the water. The next stop was the green grotto, it was not an enclosed one so we got to see it without getting off the ferry. There was coral growing and it was really pretty. We also saw one of the private celebrity beaches and the second oldest lighthouse in Italy. We soon arrived at Marina Piccola and got dropped off. At this point we started a walking tour, up the long hill to Capri, and then to Ana Capri. We walked through the quaint little towns and took the little busses. It was just gorgeous and almost straight out of a movie. We went to the sandal shop and I bought lemoncello and then we had lunch at a little restaurant and had some pizza and water with ICE!!! Then we picked up Kristin’s sandals and headed back down. We made it down in record time and changed into swimsuits and laid on the beach for an hour or so. I walked into the water and saw a jelly fish. At 4:00 we loaded the ferry and started our trek back to the mainland. We visited the white grotto and saw the natural arch along with the cave opening where Romans used to throw out the traitors or enemies of the empire. We finished the tour of the island and headed back out over the open sea. It was a nice relaxing ride,

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